Environment and sustainability

A responsible approach with the environment is extremely important for us. The Code of Sustainability is anchored in how we behave towards the environment.

The AMANN Code of Sustainability

Subsequently, the Code of Corporate Sustainability is explained in detail.

Maximum responsibility with minimal impact on environment

Dealing with the environment and its resources responsibly and sustainably is an important aspect of the AMANN Group's corporate activity. We guarantee compliance with equally high environmental standards at all our production sites worldwide.

Production optimised according to ecological standard

AMANN has been setting the highest standards for its manufacturing profile for many years. As far as our use of resources is concerned, we ensure an environmentally use of materials and reduction of waste. The use of efficient systems and careful monitoring has enabled AMANN to reduce its overall consumption of primary energy to a minimum - a prerequisite for the certification of the AMANN environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. Through ongoing process optimisations in our dye-houses we have been able to substantially reduce the use of fresh water. At the same time the use of dyes and dye carriers has been reduced to a minimum. All dye-houses have their own closed water circulation systems.

Environmentally friendly products

The right choice of raw materials is already having a positive impact on the eco-balance. AMANN consistently uses every opportunity for further optimisation, and is extending its range of articles to include ecological products: the LIFECYCLE THREADS - threads made from 100% recycled polyester and organic cotton - are both persuasive and sustainable.

The AMANN promise

AMANN, together with its suppliers, faces up to its responsibility to act sustainably and therefore not to use any hazardous substances. AMANN supports REACh and encourages the protection of consumers and environment. Hence all AMANN threads including finishing consist of non-hazardous substances which will not create any risk for people and environment.